The Best Place to Live for Motorcyclists: Boulder Canyon in the Black Hills

You see things differently when you ride. While most people just pass through the world, you immerse yourself in it.

So, when you look for a new home to set your kickstand, you want a place that embraces the journey in the same way. You've found it here. Learn why Boulder Canyon in South Dakota is the best place to live for motorcyclists.

Motorcycle culture

Whether you’re a weekend rider or a long-time enthusiast, you need to feel part of a community that understands the passion. That means a town where your rights on the road are guaranteed the same as every other motorist. It also means somewhere you’ll find people to socialize with and to ride alongside.

South Dakota has more motorcycle riders per capita than any other state. In the Black Hills and in Boulder Canyon, riding culture is more than accepted. It’s celebrated.

That’s most apparent at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the 10-day annual event that attracts an average attendance of half a million people. If you’ve come for the rally in the past, you’ve already experienced the excitement and comradery. When you live at Apple Springs, you can go out and enjoy the event, then be back home in under 15 minutes.

Scenic rides

There’s a good reason South Dakota is one of Cycle Trader’s top five states for riding. In the Black Hills, you’ll experience the thrill and the beauty, with twists and turns past rock cliffs, open valleys, cascading waterfalls, and wide expanses of ponderosa pines.

Boulder Canyon is the best place to live for motorcyclists because the location lets you easily access the region’s most memorable routes. There are options right beyond your door as well as within easy travel distance. (We’ve included a list of the area favorites below.)

Sights along the route

Sometimes, you want to cruise the open road. Other times, you want to stop along the way and take a closer look. Maybe it’s so you can ride a new path, visit a historical site, or a check out a tourist destination. Being on a motorcycle is a license to explore.

Apple Springs at Boulder Canyon puts you 10 minutes from the gaming, shops, saloons, and entertainment of historic Deadwood. You’re even closer to the live music and dining in Sturgis. It’s a short ride to South Dakota’s second largest town, Rapid City, and a quick trip to the hiking trails and angling in Spearfish.

When you’re ready for more adventure, roll down the road to Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, or Devil’s Tower. There are a host of nationally recognized natural wonders within your reach.

The comforts of home

If you were to buy a house miles from everything, you might end up with a pretty view from your motorcycle — but you’d have trouble gassing up or getting groceries. The best place to live for motorcyclists has to offer more. You need the resources, amenities, and community that make daily life comfortable and fulfilling.

At a basic level, that means city services like food markets and pharmacies. For motorcycle owners, it’s also helpful to have nearby repair shops and dedicated parking. Access to airports and the interstate system make it easier to visit or host family and friends. Finally, you might want a community where you can get to know and enjoy spending time with neighbors. Apple Springs checks all of these boxes, whether you’re looking for a new home or you’re planning for retirement.

Seasonal conditions

Weather affects how frequently you can get out on your motorcycle. So, it’s important to look at historical weather patterns.

Does the city you’re considering have dangerously high heat in the summer? If there’s snow and ice, are the roads kept clear? Does the rainy season limit visibility?

South Dakota provides a balance of conditions. From May to September, the weather is absolutely gorgeous, with clear skies and temps from the mid-60s to the mid-80s. Precipitation isn’t much of a concern; South Dakota actually ranks among the safest states when it comes to rain-related accidents.

As the seasons shifts, colder weather offers incredible winter landscapes and an active community throughout the year. To enjoy these conditions, motorcyclists can adjust their setup and alter the way they ride. That might mean installing a larger windshield, using extra handguards, wearing heated gear, and taking additional care when braking and taking curves.

Motorcycle Routes Near Sturgis and Deadwood

Route information comes from South Dakota Rides.

Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway

You’ll find one of the country’s most spectacular routes right from the doorstep of Apple Springs. It’s an easy ride with a few twists and curves, taking you past a landscape of granite, grasslands, forests, and waterfalls.

Vanocker Canyon

Vanocker Canyon is plain fun to ride with twists, turns, and sweeping views. Leaving directly from Boulder Canyon, you can choose a route that brings you to Rapid City and back, or you can follow a loop that takes you through both Sturgis and Deadwood. The scenery includes vibrant birch and spruce trees, granite outcroppings, and placid creeks reflecting the broad sky.

Central Hills Loop

Connect with this route by heading south from Boulder Canyon to Keystone. Once on the loop, you’ll experience a ride that’s as challenging as it is picturesque, including bridges, switchbacks, and a few short tunnels.

Devils Tower National Monument

Nicknamed “the lasso,” this gentle curving path takes you west from Sturgis into neighboring Wyoming. There, you’ll find one of the country’s most incredible geologic features in Devils Tower. Spend some time at the monument, then take the full loop around for a view of the surrounding mountains and meadows.

Needles Highway and Iron Mountain Road

Plan most of a day for this spectacular ride. It’s best for experienced motorcyclists with its series of ascents and descents, switchbacks, and tight curves. The payoff is the awe-inspiring scenery as you encircle the Crazy Horse Memorial, Mount Rushmore, and Custer State Park.

Badlands Route

Ride south from Boulder Canyon to Rapid City and connect with the moderately challenging Badlands route. There, you’ll experience its dramatic topography of yawning gorges and rising rock spires. Keep your eye out for prairie wildlife along the way. Stop at a few tourist destinations to create some memories, or spend time in the park and reflect on the millions of years of geologic history before you.

See for yourself why Apple Springs at Boulder Canyon is the best place to live for motorcyclists. Contact us with questions or to plan your visit.

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